iOS 7 Beta 3: What’s New


The first difference testers and developers are likely to notice in iOS 7 Beta 3 is that Apple has changed is the system font from Helvetica Neue Light to Helvetica Neue (regular). But, that’s just the tip of the developer seed iceberg as there are scores of fixes, tweaks and new features.

Additionally, there’s a new iOS update download animation, which is cool if of nebulous value.

That said, here’s an edited and expurgated view of what’s new and, perhaps to a hardcore few, exciting in iOS 7 Beta 3:

• Redesigned Fonts – Fonts in a number of apps have been tweaked to be thicker, using Helvetica Neue Regular instead of Ultra Light, which is most noticeable in the Messages

• Safari – The .com button removed and replaced with a simple period button. Users need to press period to access .com, .net and .org

• Status Bar – Elements in the Status Bar, text and graphics, have been made larger for better readability

Lock Screen – When playing music, the lock screen will now display the time

• Music App – A slight redesign with new icons and rearranged controls. Ratings have been re-introduced

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• Podcasts – This app is now functional

• Calendar – In monthly view, the app has been updated to display small gray dots on days where events are scheduled

• Siri – Siri’s voice now sounds more natural a la OS X Mavericks’ Ava

• New App Download Animation – When installing an app, users will see a new animation that removes the download bar in favor of a circular download progress display

Control Center – The clock located in the Control Center has seen yet another redesign, restoring the original dark format

The overwhelming number of changes are placed well beneath the bonnet. So, if you speak deep geek, find the source below and click through.

What do you see in iOS 7 Beta 3 that makes your pulse race?

Source: Boy Genius Report, MacRumors

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